Thursday, October 20, 2016

Changing a working routine

I've recently changed some of my daily routines and one of it's outcomes is a sketchbooks moveing.

I have seveal sketchbooks, each for a different subject. I used to have a to do list with all the things I have to work on during the day, including my art projects. Now I don't have this thing anymore. I simply move my sketchbooks from one side of the table to another. I take one sketchbook, work on a project, finish it whenever I feel that I did enough and put it on the other side of the desk.

This is funny because in a way it feels like being a clerk doing his everyday job, signing papers. On the other hand it gives my day a certain order. I do everything without looking for reminders, without this crazy stressing need to check a box on my list. A feel of a certain relief of this tiny fear that I won't manage to do it all in time. I don't plan anymore, although I did it for so many years.

The only thing left to see is will this ethod really work. But I guess it's just a matter of time.

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