Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scribbling with Jazza

Josia "Jazza" Brooks, an Australian animator created an application for people who want to stretch and develop their creativity. The app suggests some challenges, like a color challenge, a copy challenge and the two that I do at the moment - a scribble and a design mix challenge. The idea behind a scribble challenge is that you get a couple of scribble, you copy them into your notebook and the you work with it trying to create something.

A design mix suggest the user to combine to of the everyday objects that has no connection whatsoever. Like a photo camera and a aid band or a bow and arrow and an electric plug.

At this point my scribbles are pretty lame and obvious but here's the cool part: it does the work. These lines challenge your grey cells like nothing more and you try your way around it trying to be as less obvious as you possibly can. But the obvious just comes out, and it's ok. 

It's ok because it's still a learning period . It's ok because the grey cells are not as flexible as they should be. It's ok because this is something new. 

I am so glad that I was tipped about this app, and since i installed it on my phone I can now do these challenges everywhere, If I don't forget my tiny A6 sketch book, of course :).

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