Saturday, October 1, 2016

Reading blogs and getting ideas

One of my favorite and most inspiring things to do is to read blogs. I read a lot of them and most of them deal with artistic (but not only) creativity. And one of the best part is to get new ideas from this blog.

Recently I came upon a post by Misty Granade which led me to her site and it's opening post. In this post Ms. Granade talks about her journey to becoming an artist again and making her baby steps back into the world of creative. One of the thing she did which I totally liked was creating a bunch of postcards. She would chose a theme, a media and create a postcard. Almost everyday. For a year. 

So this made me thinking. We barely use postcards anymore, but the format itself is nice. So why not try? This will definitely be something new to me and might boost my creativity. All I have to do is prepare 365 paper sheets and choose a media to create with. 

So I guess at this point it will go into my to do list.  

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