Saturday, October 22, 2016

My 2016 wish list: 9/158.

I recently went through my Would like to do list for this year checking out projects I've completed and I felt pretty sad. It's only 9 projects out of 158 that I checked out. And one goal that I simply ddn;t reach on time. And although I do realise that most of them are pretty big, I look at my list and I think, how come I work so slow? How can I increase to become more productive?

I guess that the only correct answer for this one is to just keep on working.

Here's the list of what I have done since I started this list:

  1. I had a go with some Porcelain drawing. I didn't really like the outcome by the experience was really nice.
  2. I watched and with some Peter Han's preview classes that I found on YouTube, highly recommended.
  3. I watched all Hulk and Spiderman movies, just to know who's who. Definately a one time experience for me.
  4. I've done some 100 seashels project (drawing from reference)
  5. I got familerd with a Sting repertouare (love him!)
  6. 100 leaves project (drawing from reference)
  7. 100 mushrooms project (drawing from reference) and getting bored, so I stopped in the middle.
  8. 100m lampshades (also from reference)
  9. Comleted a class in Skillshare (highly recommended).
And that's it, actually.

I failed to reach my diet goal, but that's ok, I already weigh less then before so I'm happy to keep on going.

P.S. My list got longer since the furst publishing...

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