Sunday, July 31, 2016

A "Would like do" list

People are constantly talking about their "To Do" list, Yearly resolutions, A life List and Scanners Journals. Well, I do a little of all of them .
I for sure have a daily to do list. I have a general Yearly planner, so I could plan some things ahead. 
In the past used to write a massive Yearly resolution, but that one never worked for me. 

So this year I decided to create a list of things that I would like to do. Like, I'd like to learn how to sew, or I'd like to know Sting's songs better. Or I'd like to rewatch Alan Rickman's movies. Or I'd like to learn how to make balloon toys. Stuff like that.

I started the list Jan. 2016 and up till now the list has more that 100 items. I don't actually plan on executing all the projects this year, although some are already checked out. Like getting to know Sting's song better (item no. 59), or see all Peter Han's YouTube videos (item no. 21) or draw 100 seashells (item no. 48) and make my lower back stronger (item no. 13). I also watched all the Hulk movies, rewatched Mildred Pierce (amazing!!!) and started drawing on a 5 days/week basis.

It's not much for a +100 items ling list but it's better than nothing. Also it's only mid summer so I guess I still have plenty of time for making things happen. 

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