Thursday, October 27, 2016

Copiing favorite cartoon characters.

This post was ready to be published a month ago. Before pushing the Publish button I though, but why? Why would I want to copy from cartoon character in the first place? Is there a real learning experience in it? What would I really learn from this? If at all? Another thing that bothered me was that I actually didn't have any proper marker in my possession to make the experience complete and colorful. I am buying and buying  materials and since they are pretty expensive here in Israel sometimes I have to really think twice before purchasing something new. But then I though, ok, I don't have the colors but why not doing it in black and white and just contour it? Yes, it might be a bit boring, seeing black and white all over again but it will be way better than doing nothing. So I ordered some simple brush pen set and started working.


To copy or not to copy, that is the question. Great masters of the past always copied from their teachers and fellow artists for the sake of the study. They used a life reference for the same reason. Some years ago copiing from others became some kind of a Tabu. Be original, they screamed, draw what's on your mind! My biggest difficulty in college was to be able to express my own ideas, when they came. (but that is another subject for another post). How can I do something if I don't know how to technically express it.

Only recently do I see people starting copiing from reference, they take somebody else's picture and they copy from it; a very popular do in recent years.

At this point of my artistic development - remember, baby steps - copiing portraits of people/animals etc is not really interesting.

But I've decided to copy my favorite cartoon characters. First - I love cartoons. Second - they are cool and fun, so why not?

I will be doing several poses of each characters, all in different media. A brush pen, some markers, colored pencils - time will show.

The main thing is just to get in to action.

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