Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Opening new year journal + memorable events and achievements

A few weeks ago I opened a new planner. It's a simple daily one with a beautiful binding. 

Closing an old one, as usually, felt pretty sad and I postponed the event as much as possible. For me it is sad because another year almost passed by and the feeling of achevement is not there again. So I thought, why not open an achievement journal. I thought of it many months before but never actually executed. Also, I though, the year passes by and I don't really remembel what should I remember it for. So another thought crossed my mind - to create a Memories journal. All those events that I should remember this year by. I am planning to do it on the back of my journal, it has two empty pages. Or maybe I shold make it an art book. A real art book with things that should keep me excited in the years to come.

I'll keep thinking....

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