Sunday, September 11, 2016

Discovering new - and not so new - musicians.

When I was a little kid I used to listen to a lot of music. Then I grew older and I kept listening to it. When I was 29 I started working at a local Ice Rik where music played constantly. Like all the time, whenever the rink was open. And while working there I stoped listening to music while not at work. I was looking for some scilence. So when I stopped working there, I realised that I could finally control the anmount and the sound level of the music in my life. So I stopped. I stopped listening. I opened a radio channel here and there but it almost never happened. I didn't want to listen to what I new before anymore but I also wasn't ready for any new material knowing it would steal from my consentration. There are so many new artists poping here and there every single day, one could go crazy! And since I don't watch music channels or music shows I have a hard time letting new music in my life.

But recently I got an idea. A great one, I think. I decided to pay attention to only those who come here on tour. Since tickets start selling at least two-three months in advance - it would be enough time for me to get to know the artist and decide if I want to go to see the concert. 

Also I decided to start listening to those famous ones I've obviously heard of but never explored fully.

So good luck to me in my new explorations. 

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