Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A happy Scanner is a productive Scanner.

The first post of this blog was published on July 13th, a bit more than a month ago. This one is my number 16 post. It means that I post about every 3 days. Which is pretty often, I'd say.

Originally, my plan was to follow my drawing development, share sketches and ideas. I also wanted to share here some of my other interests - movies, traveling, photography, other crafts and much more.

But at this point I find myself feeling really happy when I just publish something. Anything. This feeling that I have when I write and then hit "publish" makes me really excited. This post, for example, was never planned. It was inspired by the book entirely. An that makes me add another item to my scanners list: do a writing course, learn to write and express yourself properly.
Which I'll do, eventually.

P.S. 151 items at this point.

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