Monday, August 1, 2016

100 Lampshades

I've finally finished!!!

Out of the 4 "100 drawings" sets I've done so far this one was the longest and the hardest to do and to finish. On my 80th sketch I was ready to give up, not being able too look at lampshades anymore. Because there weren't really 100 items to draw, they were way, way more.

Some I had to redraw several times to make it look a bit more like a reference.

Some had more than just one lamp.

And in the end I just didn't want to leave a blank page so I added some more items.

In all it was really good session because it made me think about proportions again, and perspective in drawing an shading and compositioning, all these important stuff that turn a simple drawing into a good one. Also it made me see a variety of interior lamps and  decide what kind of lighting I might want to buy next.

Also I marked in my "would like to" list that I should draw some old style rusty lamps, this time in color. Something like that one.

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