Thursday, October 6, 2016

Skillshare lesson: Core design sketching with Marouane Bembli.

I've been watching a lot of Skillshare lessons since I registered on this site but this lesson by Marouane Bembli was the fןrst one I ever did assignments on. Which is really cool, because learning from watching is one this and learning from doing is completely different.
So after watching the whole 1 hour class I started working.

There are some basic warm up exercises.

Some parallel lines,

Waves; dot connecting;

 Shading and cross shading
Some objects sketching.

And in the end - cars. I must say that I've never actually sketched a car. I adore industrial design sketches and one day I hope I will be able to produce something like this one:

So now there's a new item in my to do list: 50 sketches of a car.

P.S. To see the whole class you have to register on this site. 

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