Sunday, January 1, 2017

Projects for 2017

It's not a Yearly resolution list. Not at all. It's a statement of those three large personal projects I'm planning for this year.
  1. 365 mugs in 2017. I plan to decorate 365 mugs this year.
  2. 52 new recipes. Something I actually planned on doing last year but for some reason I didn't work very well.
  3. Weekly drawing on a kid's chalk board: for some reason I feel so free in my sketching when using chalks! I don't know why, but it's for real. So I though if this medium works for me even on that level, I should let it be. 
  4. 365 postcards. A6, free media.
  5. Go back to stock illustration.
  6. 100 lable tags.
And, of course, there are some general self-discipline and self-development issues like sports, healthy foods, procrastination control etc. Just like everybody else on these, no surprises here.

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