Sunday, July 24, 2016

Changing focus every year or two.

About ten years ago I've read about this artist-designer who had a botuque. She desighned clothes. A year or two later she switched her focus to everything that had to do with knitting. And a couple of eyears later she switched again. I don't remember her name but I remember thinking, what a brilliant idea! That way she coud fulfill all her talents without burning out.

Years later my student told me that she was dedicating one year to one big subject. This girl was 13 years old then and I though, how smart is that.

I though about this consept for years trying to fit different subject into different periods of my life. I never completed a year with only one subject because of so many things that interest me really.
But I can tell for sure that more was done in recent years then ever. I read more, I explore more and I do more.

And I am thankfull for that.

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